Bake It Till You Make It

Going into business for ourselves has always been a dream for Jessica and I. Anyone that knows us will understand this sentiment. Sitting in our PJ’s watching Shark Tank, yelling at the TV like we are affecting the end of the Super Bowl. (Every time I watch the Patriots in my branded PJ pants at my parents house, they win, but that gets weirder as I get closer to 30…just saying)

We have always been supporters of local craft movements: breweries, distilleries, coffee roasters. If we could buy it local we did. We spent many a night visiting our favorite local breweries discussing business ideas. (We are just dumb enough to follow through on those pint influenced conversations).

Originally we though this would be a quick side hustle. We would sell some desserts, do some sweet brunches one day a week and call it a day. That was how Caldwell Confections was born. Jessica had a family recipe for pie crust and I loved eating anything she would make. QA is a tough job but someone has to do it. For a couple of months, that is exactly what we did. Then in June we acquired Fat Boyfriend Bakery and an idea we had started to get legs.

What if we could lead a local snack revolution. Hyperbole aside, we saw that many of our favorite craft establishments were pigeon holed into carrying the same commercial products when they weren’t highlighting local pop-ups or food trucks. While we love the ‘TOS family (Cheetos, Fritos, Doritos) we started to question why there was a severe lack of local handmade snacks to compliment that hard-work these establishments were putting into their own craft product.

So we set to it.

Phase One

Set up a wholesale pipeline directly to the craft industry. Working with our local partners you can find our pretzels and other snack products at various local craft establishments.

Phase Two

FOCUS ON LOCAL. We then started looking at local Pop-Up vendors that are doing unique and creative things. Partnering with these vendors we plan to distribute their product to our customer base. This allows us to become a local snack “aggregator”

Phase Three - Profit (Comment if you get this reference for a free T-Shirt ONE WINNER ONLY)

In the coming weeks and months, we will be utilizing this blog space to provide insight and background to what we are doing. As we believe in complete transparency. We also want you to utilize this area as a resource if you have questions about carrying any product in your space. We will cover things like permitting, how you can protect yourself from non-compliant vendors. We will also be tossing up some tasty recipes to limit wasted product, or just fill that belly.

We look forward to taking this journey with you.


Team Caldwell